ODA considers new permit for former Lost Valley site despite reports of groundwater and soil pollution

Salem, OR – The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) received a new CAFO application from Cole Easterday shortly after his father, Cody Easterday, withdrew his application upon the request of the ODA. Cole Easterday’s application tracks the previous proposal for a 28,000 cow mega-dairy on the site of the former Lost Valley Farm. ODA will consider the new application despite reports of elevated levels of nitrates in both the soil and one of the wells at the site, prompting a water quality advisory and closer monitoring of the wells.

In response to the new permit application, Stand Up to Factory Farms Coalition Organizer Kristina Beggen released this statement:

“ODA’s denial of Cody Easterday’s permit merely opened the door for this new application, and fell far short of protecting the health of Oregonians and our climate. Governor Brown must go further to eliminate any possibility of the operation of this mega-dairy and ensure that ODA denies the application. No matter who the applicant is, Easterday Dairy will produce dangerous methane emissions, highjack scarce groundwater resources, and pollute the air and water of frontline communities already struggling with the impacts of the pandemic. Climate change-fueled wildfires and drought are sapping Oregon’s water resources, heightening the stakes and giving Governor Brown and ODA one more reason to do the right thing and deny Cole Easterday’s application for a 28,000 cow mega-dairy.”

One thought on “Cody Easterday’s Son Submits New Application For Oregon Mega-Dairy

  1. Cole Easterday’s permit begs the question, how is he tied to his dad and the fraud case against him. Do we have an attorney looking into this? The last thing Oregonians need is another rogue operator at the Lost Valley site. I don’t see how this gets past ODA but we need to keep the pressure on our “climate governor” and her ties to the industry. No more factory farms in Oregon…


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