We are a coalition of local, state and national organizations concerned about the ongoing expansion of factory farming and its harmful impacts to Oregon’s climate, family farms, communities, air & water, and animal welfare.

We need a time out on Factory Farms: that’s why we are fighting for a Factory Farm Moratorium in the 2023 legislative session. The solution to Oregon’s factory farm crisis is a moratorium on all new and expanding large factory farm permits until policies are in place that ensure the humane treatment of animals, the economic viability of family farmers, and that meaningfully protect our air, water, wildlife, and climate.

Factory Farm Moratorium Bill: Latest Update

We’ve just heard that time is running out to get legislators to support a strong factory farm bill. The current reform package SB 85-4 does not go far enough and would not prevent new or expanding factory farms from taking advantage of lax laws and regulations in our state. We need our legislators to take bold action on SB 85, the factory farm bill, and ensure that this bill contains meaningful protections for our environmental justice, water, air, rural communities, and family farmers. 

We need meaningful action to protect our communities from factory farms now! Can you send a message to your legislators here and urge them to strengthen the bill?

Right now, some communities do not have access to safe drinking water due to industrial agriculture in Eastern Oregon, including factory farms. In spite of this crisis, the bill doesn’t stop new or expanding factory farms from building in these areas and exacerbating water pollution. 

Oregon’s legislators say they want to take bold action to address climate change, but the latest version of the bill doesn’t address factory farms spewing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. 

Factory farms harm the health of nearby communities and vulnerable kids, but the bill’s proposed setbacks from schools and homes would still expose communities to these harmful pollutants. 

We know all too well the havoc that factory farms can wreak on our water and climate, and public health crises cannot wait for protection. We need to let our legislators know that we demand action! Send a message to your legislators today, and ask them to strengthen the factory farm bill.