We are a coalition of local, state and national organizations concerned about the ongoing expansion of factory farming and its harmful impacts to Oregon’s climate, family farms, communities, air & water, and animal welfare.

We need a time out on Factory Farms: that’s why we are fighting for a Factory Farm Moratorium in the 2023 legislative session. The solution to Oregon’s factory farm crisis is a moratorium on all new and expanding large factory farm permits until policies are in place that ensure the humane treatment of animals, the economic viability of family farmers, and that meaningfully protect our air, water, wildlife, and climate.

Factory Farm Moratorium Bill HEARING SET!

Senate Bill 85-1 would prohibit Department of Environmental Quality and State Department of Agriculture from issuing or renewing license or permit to allow construction or operation of new industrial confined animal feeding operation, addition to or expansion of existing industrial confined animal feeding operation or addition to or expansion of livestock farm that would cause livestock farm to become industrial confined animal feeding operation.

The Stand Up to Factory Farms Coalition is fighting to pass this bill during the 2023 legislative session. Click here to submit your testimony in support of the bill before 8am on Wednesday, March 8!

You can help ensure that this important legislation passes this year! We need your voice to tell the Senate Natural Resources Committee to pass the moratorium at the public hearing Monday March 6 at 8am! Even if you can’t come in person or via teleconference, we need YOUR testimony before March 8 at 8am and you can submit it here.

Support a factory farm moratorium in Oregon!

Contact your legislators and ask them to support SB 85-1 during the 2023 legislative session. You can send them a message by clicking on the link below.

Send a message to your legislators

Check out our Factory Farm Moratorium Factsheet for more information.