Oregon values the animals in our food system and treats them with respect and compassion but mega-dairies are inherently harmful to animals.

Oregon has progressive, humane values. Yet farmed animals, especially dairy cows in industrial-scale settings, still suffer immensely. In order to economize production for maximum profits, birth, life, and death for animals in mega-dairies is agony. Mega-dairies confine thousands of cows in tiny stalls, push them to the limit to produce as much milk as possible, and discard them as soon as they become “unproductive.”  

The cows are kept pregnant almost continuously, have their calves taken from them immediately after birth and rarely if ever get to graze outdoors where they can move about, see the sky and breathe fresh air. The treatment of cows on mega-dairies is grossly inhumane and does not align with Oregonians’ high expectations for the treatment of food animals. 

Take action to stop the harm to animals in mega-dairies. It’s time for a mega-dairy moratorium in Oregon.