Thanks to all your support, Senate Bill 583, which establishes a moratorium on new and expanding mega-dairies over 2,500 cows, was finally scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Energy and Environment this past Friday, set for April 1st. 

While we are excited that the bill got a hearing, Senator Beyer, the chair of the committee, did not schedule the bill for a work session. This means that SB 583 will not be going to the senate floor for a vote this session. 

That’s why it is all the more important we turn out (virtually) and show our support at the public hearing, scheduled for April 1st at 1pm PT, by providing verbal and written testimony in support of a mega-dairy moratorium for Oregon! 

If you need help writing your testimony, we’ve created a testimony template that will help you get started!

As for submitting your testimony or signing up to speak, you can do that here! 

And we know that the Oregon Legislature’s website can sometimes be complicated, so here’s what your submission should look like:

We hope you’ll join us in turning out to show support for SB 583 and a mega-dairy moratorium.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to John Aspray ( or Emma Newton ( for support!

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