February 23, 2021 – The Stand Up to Factory Farms coalition submitted testimony to the Oregon Senate committee on Natural Resources and Wildfire Recovery urging the committee not to pass Senate Bill 151, The Bovine Manure Tax Credit. In the testimony the coalition said the bill “incentivizes and props up unsustainable mega-dairies in Oregon to the disadvantage of family farm dairies and the detriment of rural communities and the environment.” The coalition also warned about the misleading solution that biogas presents: “Mega-dairy digesters are touted for their purported climate benefits from methane capture. But in reality, methane digesters are a false solution to climate change and have no place in Oregon’s clean energy future. Digesters at best capture only the additional methane created by the adoption of factory farm practices in the first place.” The Senate Natural Resources and Wildfire Recovery committee has not yet voted on the bill.

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