The events of the last week, including the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers, are reflective of a system that does not value black and brown life. Communities of color and indigenous nations across the U.S. have long been denied justice and subjected to institutionalized inequality, government-sanctioned violence and are often met with over-militarized response by federal, state, and local law enforcement. We join those standing up against this corrupt and violent system. As a coalition that fights to protect Oregon from the harms of enormous, industrial mega-dairies we know that the climate, environmental, public health, and economic impacts of these facilities are not felt equally by all Oregonians. Black, brown, and indigenous Oregonians disproportionately bear the burden of these and other harms brought on by industrial agriculture. To be silent is to be complicit; we support the fight for justice and the lives of black and brown people and encourage you to follow and support social and racial justice groups, such as the following:

Black Lives Matter (

Black Visions Collective (

Black Resilience Fund (

Coalition of Communities of Color (

Democracy Now (

Don’t Shoot PDX (

Equitable Giving Circle (

Innocence Project (

Legal Defense Fund (


PDX Protest Bail Fund (

Portland African American Leadership Forum (

Spanish Anti-Racism Resources – Compilation (

Unite Oregon (

Urban League of Portland (

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